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Let's Begin, 

My Approach:

It is a courageous step to seek counseling and support in one’s journey. Whether you have been struggling with self-defeating patterns or looking for guidance with nutritional coaching, I strive to provide a safe and nurturing space to explore these areas of one’s life, moving toward harmony and healing. 


I am a Therapist (MSW, LICSW) and Certified Integrative Health Coach, specializing in the intersection of mental health and nutrition. I adopt a holistic philosophy focusing on foundational pillars of health; including the role of nutrition, movement, sleep, spirituality in order to gain a well-rounded picture of your overall health. In discussing these areas, we seek to uncover imbalances which potentially contribute to mental health challenges. 


Common issues I encounter are: depression, anxiety, navigating relationships, family of origin difficulties, and life transitions. As an Integrative Health Coach, I am particularly interested in the mind, body, and environment relationship. Through our work together, I incorporate therapeutic modalities to strengthen this brain-body connection and to improve one’s relationship to self through talk-therapy, healing foods and herbal medicine. 

Through counseling and evidence-based strategies my goal is to partner with you, to empower and inspire you in accessing your inner knowledge and provide guidance with these strategies. 

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